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Box Injection Molding Machine
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Product: Views:466Box Injection Molding Machine 
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HS 210T Servo System&Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine

Hong speed is the brand of high-efficiency precision hydraulic injection molding machine, and the model clamping force covers 110T-530T. Committed to automotive precision parts, medical, food packaging and other industries, high quality, precision, high efficiency, energy saving is the purpose of every Hongsheng people, creating greater value for customers is the goal of each of our Hongsheng people.

Product parameters


1. Servo motor

The AC permanent magnet servo motor used in the injection molding machine adopts a hollow shaft spline direct connection structure. If there is a large displacement requirement for the pump station, the double shaft output structure can be adopted.

2. Fast clamping

The highly optimized clamping unit makes the high-speed opening and closing mold more stable and effectively shortens the cycle time. The optimized clamping mechanism is designed with a pressure center template structure. The clamping force acts directly on the mold, and the dimensional deformation of the cavity is reduced, which improves the molding precision of the product.

3. High rigidity template

The template stress distribution is uniform, the deformation is small, and the precision of the product is effectively improved; the pressure center template structure is adopted to effectively improve the precision of the product.

4. New joint lubrication structure

Standard graphite steel sleeve (copper sleeve), steel sleeve, copper sleeve surface embedded solid lubricant is a non-metal anti-wear material, which greatly improves the lubrication effect of crankshaft and tie rod, increases the life of parts, and makes the whole The machine is more tidy.

5. High performance high strength screw

High-quality synthetic steel for screw and sol cylinders, optional options for special materials or bimetallic design


1. The outer diameter of the piston rod is small in the middle, which is a big problem at both ends?

Due to the uneven shrinkage of the medium-hole needle overheating product, the outer diameter of the piston rod is small in the middle, and the two ends are large. The middle-hole needle can be made of a fast-dissipating phosphor bronze material, and the mold is exhausted in the middle part of the product.

2. Product deformation problem.

The deformation of the product is mainly caused by the unbalance of the product during heat shrinkage, or the deformation of the product due to the internal stress of the product itself.